Understanding e-jargon

the individual location of a website or file on the Internet (see URL).

files contairning information, photographs or video clips, which are attached to an e-mail.

Banner Advertisements
paid for advertising space on websites relevant to your company.

the address of a website that has been added to a list of saved addresses. Go to bookmarks and click on the address to return to the site.

an abbreviation of the term 'bits per second', which represents the rate at which data is transferred between modems.

also known as a 'web browser' such as Internet Explorer or Netscape, this is a software program that enables you to see and hear content on the World Wide Web (WWW).

Chat Room
an Internet location where you can talk live on-line, usually through typing.

files which save you the need to re-input registration details every time you visit a website.

Domain Name
see URL.

the process of copying a file from either the Internet or from one computer to another.

an abbreviation for 'electronic mail', e-mail is a means of communication over the Internet via posting messages between computers.

a string of characters that represent emotion in e-mail. Examples include :0 shocked, :) happy and : (sad.

ISP (Internet Service Provider)
the term given to any company that can connect you to the Internet.

Link (Hypertext Link)
an address, word or icon, which when clicked on will send you to another area of the site you are at, or to a different Internet site.

a device that changes digital signals to telephone signals for transmission and then back to digital signals, allowing computers to communicate over telephone lines or other delivery systems. Modems come in different speeds; the higher the speed, the faster the data is transmitted.

rules or manners for interacting courteously with others on-line (such as not typing a message in capital letters, which is equivalent to shouting)

network of special interest groups to which surfers can 'post' messages.

an act of placing information onto the Internet, usually by posting to newsgroups or bulletin boards. You can also post a web page.

a computer program or set of instructions.

slang term for junk advertisements directed to your e-mail address.

slang for the process of navigating or exploring the WWW

URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
the domain name or WWW address of a site on the Internet e.g. the URL for HathawayUK is http://www.hathawayuk.co.uk