Domains Explained

The domain name (or web address) is merely a simple means of directly accessing your web site.  Your own domain name, ie., will usually cost around 59 for HathawayUK to register and includes 2 years nic registration, thereafter the registration is paid annually, at the rate charged by nic. (nic is the regulatory body that keeps track of domain names)

However, many firms choose to use a derivative of their site host, ie., which is automatically generated on creation of your site and involves no additional or separate charge.  It remains exclusively yours for as long as you maintain your web site and is included in your monthly maintenance charges, only applicable if you take out a maintenance contract. 

Email address(es) are created in conjunction with your domain name registration, ie., and messages will arrive on your PC complete with return email addresses for correspondence.  If you prefer not to have direct email facilities, an email link (eg. can be created for your web site that will route messages to hathawayUK.  Such messages are then faxed to your office at no extra charge.  In either case, the email links on your web site will open an Enquiry Registration Form designed to pre-qualify the enquiries you receive, enabling you to quickly determine enquirers' requirements and respond to best effect. 

HathawayUK  has developed options to cater for individual client preferences.  If you are both computer literate and want to take charge of your site's administration then choose the Direct option.  If you prefer to have us run the site for you, leaving you free to concentrate on other matters, choose our Managed Sites facility.  In fact, whatever you want from a web site, HathawayUK has the solution.


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This option is set for computer leterate clients who want HathawayUK to design, build and upload their web site for a one off fee and they can then take over and manage their site themselves. This invloves a one of fee and the designs are client copyright.





Managed Sites:

This option is for clients who would rather leave the day to day maintenance to HathawayUK who regularly ensure all links are un-broken and up to date, regularly registered with search engines, all new documents which can be e-mailed, faxed, posted or phoned through, formatted and photographs graphically treated for maximum compression to upload to your domain.