Secure Server (SSL) Directory 99 per year
URL promotion to up to 500 search engines / link sites 399 per year
Additional Disk Space 2 per 5MB
per month
Additional pop3 E-Mail Account £2 per month
CGI Script Installation Call
Web Site Design 150 per hour
Shopping Cart Call
Server Co-Location Call
Extra A4 page text only (added to an exsisting site) 50
Consultation (min 2 hours) £25 hour
Extra A4 page text & colour only (added to an exsisting site) 80
Search engine for your site with result of visitors report, very detailed to what word was searched.Enables to give customers what they seek. £6.50 month

A web page can be as long as you like, however the downtime will be considerably delayed, also to establish charges we consider an A4 sheet to be equivalent to a web page, so an .htm page that has 4 A4 pages will cost £200 although for web purposes it is one WEB page.

There are many other bespoke services available, please let us know your requirements for a prompt quote.


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