Internet setup, web site & maintenance

If you don't possess the necessary IT equipment, or lack the time and 
inclination to administer the site yourself, the Managed Sites service is absolutely right for you. All you need to do is supply us with the information about your firm and /products/properties - and we'll do the rest. You won't even need an Internet connection.

* Your product entries go "live" within hours of receipt
* Multiple photo / detail facilities
* No IT equipment needed
* Customized Home Pages & personal web address
* Catering for your entire needs and products
* Submit details & updates by post, fax or email
* Extensive marketing on Internet directories
* Email enquiries can be handled by us faxed straight to your office
* Simple monthly subscription - from 50.00 per site per month.

Having a web site does not mean you need Internet access. With a HathawayUK Managed Site, you can post or fax your product details for us to upload for you. 
If you choose the HathawayUK Direct option, you will need access to load and amend the details on your site. Similarly, you will need access if you want personal email facilities, the ability to demonstrate your site to potential clients or to view your other latest listings. There are many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to choose from, with charges ranging typically from 5 to 15 a month. Some are even free!

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