Web Site marketing

Stand out from the crowd

Registering your website effectively on the Internet is vital, as it helps your potential customers to find you as easily as possible.
As well as essentially leading customers to your doorstep, website registration is also the equivalent of hanging an 'open for business' sign on your door.

The two major routes to registering your website are through search engines and directories.

A web site without "Internet Marketing" is fundamentally a waste of time and money. If your web site is to be found and visited, its details must be lodged persistently with as many search engines and directories as possible, as these directories are the principal means of Internet users locating the services they seek. This is something you can do for yourself, if you have the inclination, or we can do it for you. We design the structure of each site in such a way as to be easily matched to requests made of the directories, and will lodge your site details with over 100 directories every week, this applies to managed sites

Of course as there are many millions of sites on the Internet it is very important to write good web copy that will index well.I
f you really want the best from your web site, use it to help generate instructions. There is massive evidence that those who actively promote their Internet activities benefit from additional sales.

How you can help
Statistics show that the next major source of awareness for your customers are on your own stationery and promotional items, so your website address should be printed on ALL your paperwork, delivery vehicles, promotional items, advertisements, etc.....

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