Why you should be looking to the Internet

As a small to medium-sized business, already trading successfully, you may have questioned at some point hy you would need a website and even more so, why you would ever need e-commerce?

The simple reason is that you cannot afford to be left behind.

Businesses are realising more than ever, that the Internet can bring massive reward, from the most basic benefit of having a powerful promotion tool at your disposal, to the obvious profit-generating advantages of e-commerce.
Just some benefits associated with the Internet include:-

  • promotion of your business to a broader audience, through means such as your own website, search engines and links featured on related websites

  • adding of value to your services and products, for example, by providing your clients with 24-hour access to extra information and more efficient communications via e-mail

  • saving of money when dealing with uppliers, such as reducing administration time and costs

  • the opening up of your business for trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week

  • effective competing, whatever the nature or reach of your business - regiona, national or international

  • the increase of your customer database and ultimately your profits

These benefits apply to all types and sizes of businesses. Internet Technology can enable a local butcher to offer home deliveries and even to keep a closer eye on surrounding competitor' websites.

Alternatively, this technology can also enable a national law practice to take appointment bookings and to reduce postage costs via e-mail.

Because we realise that you may still be questioning whether the Internet applies to your business, HathawayUK hopes that within this web site you will appreciate all the benefits that the World Wide Web has to offer.

We hope that you find something of interest and use on our site.